A sort of a tale of Narcissus
who hated itself so much that it split into half;
into Nothing and Everything. Can you face yourself or will you run away forever?
2013 / single channel moving image installation / 7:38 min
starring  Pierce Oliver Reid // cinematography Steven Cameron Ferguson // sound design Rob Turner // editing  Jojo Erholtz // music composer Terence Dunn // foley artist Dayo James / foley editor John Cohen // colour grading Ole Birkeland // makeup artist Andrada Stefania // written and directed by Anikó Kuikka
in supporting roles: Karoliina Hellberg, Olivia Knowles, Leandra Solovay, Franny Levitin
supported by: Kuvataideakatemia
thank you:  David, Lucy, Valeria, Krisztina, Karo, Natalie, Mitsuki, Jennifer, Michael


© Anikó Kuikka 2013