chat room


Kristin Wiking & Anikó Kuikka
2012 / 2-channel moving image installation / 4 min loop
 starring: Eeva Putro & Heikki Herva


Trying to reach chatroom [xxx]. Please Wait… NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname… NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking Identity
We have a desperate need to connect to another. Lonely, scared of others and insecure of ourselves, still wanting to find a certain someone. <3 <3 Feeling not enough, we pretend to be more. Actual confrontation does not allow one to form a fictional self: the individual you would like to be but whom you’re not. However this can be realized, when two strangers meet in a chat room.
……… Welcome to chat room …….
Chat room is a virtual communication space between realities. ‘Chat Room’ is a space with two constructed sets and characters. It is a play of what is real and how we are defined by what is socially accepted and what we believe is expected from us and the roles we bear. We have a desperate need to connect to another and maybe it is just more convenient to do it in the chat room. Why walk out when we can have it all at home?
Trying to reach chatroom [xxx]. Please Wait… Trying to reconnect too fast. Connected !


© Anikó Kuikka & Kristin Wiking 2012